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Success Stories

Machelle will motivate you to get strong and fit! Before I started a few months ago, I had trouble lifting a bag of groceries. Now I am impressing my husband with my incredible strength! I had no idea that I could develop so much strength in such a short amount of time. In a few weeks,I have dropped a pant size. She has helped me to develop new healthy habits like stretching every day and incorporating regular cardio into my week. Machelle comes to you! I just love that! She comes to my house and has shown me how to work out in the comfort of my own home. I don't have any excuses because she has made it so easy for me to incorporate exercise into my daily life. I was very worried about injuring myself but she watches closely and modifies any moves that are difficult. Machelle supports and encourages you through the entire work out. In addition to the specially designed workouts, she also sends out newsletters,inspiring e-mails and gives you copies of your work outs with pictures so you can do them whenever you want. The tools that have really helped me are the goal/contract sheets,the exercise calendar and the food journal. I just keep everything on my fridge and write things down as I go. It's easy! The work outs are really fun and Machelle is a great motivator. It feels so good to be reaching my fitness goals so quickly! In addition to being a great trainer, Machelle is also professional,punctual,prepared ,reliable and just plain cool! I hope you enjoy the work outs as much as I do.



Working with Machelle has been absolutely wonderful!!! When I contacted Machelle, I was very bored with my old workout routine and needed to do something different. Machelle was full of ideas and she made exercising fun and enjoyable! TRULY!!! Machelle and I have met at the beach, park, rock climbing gym, and at my house--most importantly working out does not have to be a boring activity that you only do at the GYM!!!!---Machelle will teach you that you can work out anywhere and have fun at the same time. I have noticed that since I have worked with Machelle I have become a much happier and more balanced person. This is not only due to her positive outlook in life, but because she has empowered me with tools that enable me to feel comfortable working out anywhere. If you are looking for a positive change in your life and lots of fun, please give her a call!



​Machelle makes me feel like a vivacious young girl again and when you're staring at 62 -- that's a perk! Even when we're going straight up a hill and my face is beet red, I'm still a champ. Mobile Fitness Training fits so perfectly in my life style and makes it easy to look forward to sweating and pushing myself toward that healthy practice I've always wanted for myself. If anyone needs a real professional, personal trainer who pays attention to YOU, Evolve Mobile Fitness and Wellness comes where you are and makes you feel where you want to be physically -- even in those golden years!





I've been working out with Machelle for the better part of a year now, and it's been wonderful! I love the versatility of working out at home, or at the park -- just one on one with Machelle, or with a group of friends. Like everyone said, Machelle makes working out fun.  She's very motivating, very down to earth, and never intimidating. She's just what I needed to get back to a regular workout routine. I recommend her & Evolve Mobile Fitness and Wellness to everyone! Personal trainers aren't just for movie stars!

April Sterns


My first acquaintance with Machelle Lee was at Borland, Machelle was the program director of a corporate gym. I used to participate in her classes 3-4 times per week. Talk about fun and great workouts with definite results. I was always amazed at how quickly those workouts went by. I have found no other instructor that demonstrates the same enthusiasm and passion. I am the type of person that needs encouragement to “push” myself. Machelle has a unique way of explaining the mechanics of my body to help me improve my form, as well as developing a nutritional plan to fit my personal needs. Now, tell me how many personal trainers go that extra mile? Machelle has been very consistent with her own mission and goals. I feel that she is true to herself by following her mission of “motivating individuals to achieve their personal goals” and has persevered with establishing her own very successful business. I enjoy working with Machelle because she definitely is dedicated and demonstrates her passion for finding creative ways of making me feel good about exercising.




The year was 2005, I worked a dead end job and at best I could bench press 80 lbs. While some how hope persisted, it was without a destination or driving strength of any kind. With my mind adrift and body atrophying far too soon for the age of 27, it occurred to me that a personal trainer might be in order. It’s obnoxiously trite to say so, but the mind and body truly are inextricably linked, and I had yet to master either. I was pleasantly surprised to find a a very qualified individual who offered her renowned personal training services at any location of my choice. I have since then had the pleasure of working with Machelle. Machelle is encouraging, empathetic, demanding, pragmatic and intuitive. In most cases, my physical output is twice what it was 2.5 years ago. I have gone from enjoying no sports of any kind, to becoming an avid participant in multiple martial arts. I was also blessed to try surf kayaking for the first time last December. In closing, I would heartily recommend Evolve Mobile Fitness and Wellness for people and athletes of any fitness level. Machelle will work just as hard as you and be excited to do so.




Machelle is simply amazing. Indoor or outdoor training, she makes getting fit super fun!  Thanks Machelle!





After turning 30 this year, I felt like I needed a boost in my normal exercise routine which was starting to feel a little drab and boring and not giving me the results I was looking for. I could see a few pounds creeping up here and there in all the usual spots and I wanted to take action to prevent any more of the dreadful spread...

I heard about the Evolve Mobile Fitness and Wellness from a friend of a friend who currently trains with Machelle. She came highly recommended so I went to the website for more info. What I initially liked about Evolve Mobile Fitness is that it advocates an overall healthy lifestyle approach instead of promising quick fixes and empty promises.  Since Evolve offers mobile personal training, I was able to work out in my home - a super convenient benefit. There was no excuse I could make to not workout! Machelle created a challenging routine for me utilizing a basic ball and bands. Being fit and active all my life, I have pretty high standards for fitness instruction on any level and Machelle greatly exceeded my expectations.

She has an amazing breadth of knowledge and enthusiasm, and shows genuine pleasure in helping people She also gives excellent advice on how to make adjustments in my life to improve my overall well-being and that a healthy body cannot be achieved solely by exercise, but includes my mental health, my emotional balance, and what I eat, when and why.


I feel better than I ever have before and have greater endurance, strength, and flexibility. I definitely feel a boost in my energy level which has helped me cut back on the number of afternoon Starbucks runs...which I happily put towards my next training package!




I just started working out with Machelle (and some of my co-workers). We have a great time at our class.

I highly recommend her!!




I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined Ladies Fitness Camp. I have not worked out consistently for years and am now 50 pounds overweight. Machelle has challenged me and made it fun. The truth is once I am out there, I really do enjoy exercising.

There are women of many different sizes, ages and ability. Everyone works at their own pace and is very supportive of one another. It is not competitive at all. In fact, we all laugh and have a good time. The time flies quickly and we all love the relaxing stretches at the end. That is our bonus. It has been great!




I have developed a regular exercise routine and feel much better about myself. I am starting to see results and feel like I have much more energy! Machelle has been  great!

I am very glad my husband suggested going online to find a personal trainer. I can't wait to work with Evolve Mobile Fitness and Wellness again. I look forward to the classes you are going to offer and all of the other exciting changes Evolve is currently making. Thank you for giving me the kick-start I needed to get back on track!

Maria Gauthier



Machelle is not only a phenomenal and attentive personal physical trainer, she cares and is attentive to my overall well-being. She gets that the overall success for a healthy body includes each aspect of where my mind focuses, how my feelings feel and what I eat, when and why.

She doesn't just focus on parts of the body to make it stronger, she works on the inside out, recognizing that healthy habits and exercise are often more an emotional and mental discipline than anything else. Exercise and taking care of myself on a daily basis has to be self-motivated for it to be successful, and with Machelle's guidance, I learn how to balance and eliminate my self-imposed internal obstacles. Thanks Machelle for seeing the whole picture and for helping me see it too.

Kim Clark



"Machelle is the best personal trainer I have known. She has an amazing breadth of knowledge and enthusiasm, and shows genuine pleasure in helping people. Working with Machelle has been great for me both physically and mentally. I have a chronic illness that makes going to the gym difficult, and my energy waxes and wans.

But Machelle has no trouble adjusting to this, helping me to work out an exercise program specific for me, and one that I really could do. Not only do, but look forward to. It has become a welcome part of my life. Overall, I have less pain, more energy, brighter spirits, greater flexibility and strength. I was lucky to find Machelle. She is a great motivator, fun to be with, and a wonderful teacher."




After several years of self neglect and an eye-opening health issue, I contacted Machelle Lee. I needed a workout that was portable (to be done at home or on the road), effective (to improve overall health and lose weight),and fun (to avoid boredom). Machelle met my challenges and has given me the tools to workout anywhere, anytime. I even like to workout now! Now, 25 pounds lighter and a whole lot healthier, I am grateful to Machelle and Evolve Mobile Fitness.

Karen Beachler



I have re-discovered my love of exercise. I have less pain, and more flexibility. I feel better about myself and my physical appearance. I like my body and what it can do. I've lost some weight and gained some muscle. I am stronger and I really enjoy working out. Before it seemed like a chore I didn’t want to do, so it never got done. Now I really look forward to it, and I know I’ll feel better afterwards.

Ruth Lichtenberger



The individual attention and motivation are just what I needed to get back in shape. Exercising outdoors is so rewarding and it is so much more refreshing than working in the gym. I also find that I feel motivated to do workouts between sessions, because I can just walk out my door without having to go to some gym.

Emma Tiffany


​Evolve Mobile Fitness and Wellness is The Bomb. I have had many different trainers, and I have never had anybody who keeps me interested, and motivated, day after day. Heck, I even like exercising now. Well, sort of. I sure feel better when I do, and I do it on my own some now too, although my favorite is still with Machelle.

Innovative, creative, demonstrative of a genuine concern for the client, and a genuine understanding of physiology. That's you, Machelle. I have my little aches and Machelle respects them, keeps me aware, and conscious, and I am in SO much better shape than I was. Lookin' Great in '08.

Mary Conn



Before a once-trusted-friend gifted me with an introduction to Machelle Lee's Evolve Mobile Fitness and Wellness, my view of exercise ranked it up there with the Biblical plagues vested upon early Egyptians. Let's face it, I'd rather be seen building a pyramid.

Today, although not a total convert to sweat, Evolve Mobile Fitness and Wellness has made the exercise experience as close to a joy as any workout can get and the friend who forced the issue is back in my good graces -- ah, yes, and the results have been WONDERFUL! Last year's pants are now more than a dust cloth. Thanks, Machelle, for your patience with a couch prima donna.

Aleshia Brevard




After have two children my body & mind really needed working out. With a new career in real estate, two kids, and wifely duties it was impossible to find time to get to the gym. My self image was going down hill as the baby fat was not leaving my body as I had wished.

Machelle came to my home and really help motivate me by giving me the tools & knowledge I needed to use my home as a gym. She also reinforced that working out is an excellent source to relief stress. Thank you Machelle for increasing my will power. Bring on the SUMMER!

Vicki Menna



I am a sixty-two year old overweight, diabetic man. Thanks to Machelle Lee, I am also a fit man. Machelle has been my personal trainer for more than two years. Twice a week she extracts from me the extra ten percent that make the difference. She is thorough, encouraging and rational.

The latter means that she is wonderfully free of adherence to the many fads that plague her industry. (She has never tried to sell me the latest food supplement or the newest exercise machine.) Since Machelle also has a sunny personality, she is always in a good mood, so that my physical conditioning sessions with her are excellent for my soul too.

Jacques Delacroix


Evolve Mobile Fitness and Wellnes is truly a way to get a full-body toning workout in a circuit routine with just a rubber ball and elastic bands. It isn't a "secret" of how it is done. It is a once-a-day commitment and watching what you eat.

Machelle taught me that you can't get rewards without the work, both on the exercise routine and on changing your diet. Having Machelle come to my house and coaching me through the exercise routine kept me motivated. It was convenient, safe and fun! Thanks Machelle!!



I found working with Machelle to be most helpful. She was able to very quickly and easily show me exactly what exercises I can do in my home to meet my goals without taking too much time to perform.

All the exercises were very straight forward, with a minimum of equipment. She is very knowledgeable about physical fitness and has many strategies to get around the "exercise reluctance" of her clients and makes exercising fun!




My teenage daughter is a competitive soccer player. She is fast, strong, skilled, and smart at playing the game. She is easily one of the best players on the team. However, her body type and metabolism makes it easy for her to put on weight. In her sophomore year, she was at her heaviest.

She wanted to be more in control of her body, but didn't know how to begin. It wasn't easy to persuade her to work with a personal trainer. But once it was set up, she responded very well.

Machelle was a soccer player herself and was able to tailor my daughter's work outs to her abilities: sprinting, ball work, stretching, strengthening. Machelle is also very sweet, personable, a good listener and communicator, and works well with young and old alike (she also gave my 70 year old mother some tips!)

With the six-week session, Machelle set my daughter on a path of self-awareness and maintenance. One year later, she has kept the weight off and has a healthy consciousness of the nutritional value and amount of the food she eats, in addition to keeping fit in the off season.

A Santa Cruz Soccer Mom

I have met with Machelle on two separate occasions, both times to help me to create a workout routine for myself. Each time, I found Machelle's expertise to be superb. She gave me great feedback and exercise programs that are already producing the results that I am seeking.

Having a background as a competitive athlete automatically sets my standards high when receiving coaching on any level. My grand expectations have been superseded each time. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone!

Gabrielle Alizay



The best thing Machelle did for us was to let us tell her what we like to do exercise-wise then she encouraged us and then challenged us to work up a consistent program. She also showed us some easy to do and easy to remember exercises with the ball and the bungie-straps. My husband and I looking forward to your upcoming classes.




Machelle is always able to hone in on what each individual would benefit from the most, and she is able to make alternate exercises available to people with special problems. Machelle is able to help identify those problems and work with and around them.

Nancy Howe



Finding time to exercise with a busy work schedule is tough. Machelle made my exercise regime exciting and something I look forward to. I would not have found the motivation to exercise regularly without Machelle's energy and ability to make my workout fun but yet managed to push me to my limit. Thank you Machelle.

Werner Mansfeld



Working with Machelle has improved my physical as well as my mental well-being. Her energy, creativity and cutting edge knowledge of fitness, keeps me motivated and interested in my exercise sessions with her.

I have a long commute before I meet Machelle and her flexibily to meet me at the beach or my home has eased my stress level greatly. Since working with Machelle I can now participate in long hikes and cardio machines such as the eliptical with much more strength and endurance.

Thank you Machelle!!
Shawna Holley



Working with Machelle, has been the greatest investment in my health. I'm in the best shape of my life and I've finally gotten the motivation to stick with an exercise regimen. I've lost over 20 lbs in the last 4 months and for the first time in my life, I feel good about my body.


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